Safe Harbor

Counseling Center, Inc.


Services Provided


Safe Harbor Counseling Center, Inc. provides a full range of services for our clientele- everything from one-on-one sessions to psychological evaluations and even group classes.  If you are interested in one of these services, please contact us and we would be happy to let you know how to get started!


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  1. BulletMarriage, Family, and Individual Counseling

  2. BulletPremarital Counseling

  3. BulletMarriage Enhancement Classes

  4. BulletParenting/Step-Parenting Counseling

  5. BulletAdolescent Counseling/Teens

  6. BulletChild Counseling/Play Therapy

  7. BulletGeriatric Evaluations and Counseling

  8. BulletMultifamily Issues Counseling

  9. BulletConflict Resolution

  10. BulletAnger Management

  11. BulletEffective Communication

  12. BulletProblem Resolution

  13. BulletStress Management

  14. BulletAnxiety/Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Counseling

  15. BulletDepression Counseling

  16. BulletPhobias/Panic Attacks

  17. BulletSexual Abuse/Sexual Addiction

  18. BulletGrief Share and other Grief Issues

  19. BulletDivorce Recovery

  20. BulletFull Psychological Evaluation

  21. BulletLearning Disorders/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

  22. BulletSeminars and Trainings

These are just a few of our services that we provide.  If you do not see the service you desire please contact us for more information.  We will help you find a counselor that meets your specific needs. 

For details on our group sessions click on the link above labeled GROUPS